6 Best Secured Credit Cards (January 2019)


Do you want to improve your bad credit? Secured credit cards are a great option for you. To get a secured card, you usually have to give a minimum deposit, which will be used as collateral.

Here are the six best secured credit card offers for January 2019:

1) Discover it Secured

  • No annual fee
  • Secured deposit of at least $200
  • Build your credit – it reports to all credit bureaus
  • 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants
  • 1% cash back on everything else

2) Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card

  • Build your credit – it reports to all credit bureaus
  • Secured deposit of at least $300
  • Upgrade to an unsecured card after responsible use
  • $25 annual fee

3) Capital One Secured Mastercard

  • Bad credit accepted
  • No annual fee
  • Build your credit – it reports to all credit bureaus
  • Upgrade to a higher credit line after 5 months after responsible use
  • Security deposit of $49, $99, or $200

4) Citi Secured Mastercard

  • No annual fee
  • Bad or no credit accepted
  • Purchase protection
  • Roadside Assistance Dispatch Service

5) Affinity Secured Visa Credit Card

  • No annual fee
  • Minimum secured deposit of $250
  • $0 application fee
  • Low APR rate (12.60% variable APR)
  • Easy and quick application process

6) US Bank Secured Visa Card

  • Bad credit accepted
  • $0 fraud liability
  • Auto rental insurance
  • $35 annual fee
  • Minimum security deposity of $300 up to $5,000

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