How Good is MoneyLion? – MoneyLion Review 2021

MoneyLion is a financial digital platform founded in 2013 as an alternative to traditional banks. Along with their traditional services, such as spending accounts and loans, they also offer a Credit Builder Plus membership program, for $19.99, which can help you boost your credit score more easily. Continue reading for our full MoneyLion review: Roar […]

Is it a good idea to have multiple savings accounts?

We all have different things we want to buy or experiences we want to live, like buying a property, a car, or traveling overseas. To achieve those goals, we will need to plan and save some money. Savings accounts are great options for people who want safety and liquidity. But should you have more than […]

Dave Checking Account Review – Is it good?

You will probably need a checking account for some reason at some point in your adult life. However, the majority of banks charge many fees and impose strict minimum requirements. Thankfully, people now have an alternative to traditional banks, which is Dave. Their motto is “Banking For Humans” and their aim is to make people […]

SoFi Money Review – Is It Right For You?

SoFi is not a bank, but they still follow high regulatory and compliance standards while being competitive by offering fewer fees than traditional banks. It was founded in 2011 and has US-based customer service. SoFi is widely known for student loan refinancing and private student loans, but they also offer other products such as personal […]

Aspiration Spend and Save Review 2020

Online banks and financial institutions are emerging in the market as an alternative to traditional banks, with fewer fees and personalized customer support. A great option to consider is Aspiration, which has a mission to help the world by ‘reforesting the planet as you shop.’ However, Aspiration is not a bank. They can be defined […]

Why You Should Open a High-Yield Savings Account?

A study conducted by Bankrate showed that only 23% of Americans have an emergency fund. That is a very alarming fact, since having a rainy day fund is crucial for a person’s financial wellbeing. You can put your funds in many types of investments for this type of financial goal, such as certificates of deposit, […]

Broadway Federal Bank Review – Checking, Savings, CDs and Money Market

Broadway Bank has been an established company in business since 1946. It is one of the largest banks in California, with its headquarters located in Los Angeles. Their values are based on equality of service, regardless of race or income level. This bank waives many banking fees for their clients, and offers competitive rates for […]

Unlimited Cash Back Bank Account By Green Dot – Review

Online bank accounts are growing in popularity at a fast pace as an alternative to traditional banks. Since they don’t have physical branches, they are able to provide more benefits, such as waiving many fees and being more competitive, being much more convenient to their customers. Green Dot is a great choice, since it offers […]