3 Popular Cards For Low Credit Customers

    If you have low credit, you may not be able to qualify for every credit card out there, but here are some of the credit cards that are the easiest to get.

    Retail Credit Cards

    A store credit card usually has lower credit criteria than a traditional credit card does, and these tend to be easier to get. In addition, you often will receive a discount on your first purchase at that retailer after signing up for the card, and there are usually extra rewards and offers when you continue to shop at that retailer.

    A major downside to a retail credit card is the usually higher interest rates. Make sure to charge only what you know you can pay off each month so you do not have pay the hefty finance charges. Making just a couple of small purchases each month on needed items will help you as you establish and build your credit. Spread out your purchases, and build your credit record carefully while also keeping finance charges at bay.

    Gas Credit Cards

    A gas credit card is a type of retail credit card and allows you to earn rewards for buying gas as well as for other gas station purchases. These cards often will offer a discount at the pump instead of rewards. Their terms and conditions will vary, but many of these cards offer a lower limit when you become a cardholder.

    Build credit through a series of small purchases by filling up your tank a couple of times a month and then paying your bill in full every month. This will help you to establish a positive payment record.

    Secured Credit Cards

    Secured cards require you to make a cash deposit to secure your line of credit, which is the amount of your deposit minus any fees that are charged by the card issuer.

    Your secured card can be used anywhere you can use a traditional credit card.

    After approximately a year of on-time payments, your credit score may have improved enough that you can qualify for an unsecured credit card.

    Make sure the secured card you choose reports to all three national credit reporting agencies.

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