Best Credit Cards With Low Minimum Spend Requirements

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy the greatest perks and benefits that credit cards can offer you. Some card issuers provide awesome advantages with low minimum spending requirements. We’ve selected the best suggestions for you. Check it out: Chase Freedom Earn a $150 bonus after spending at least $500 in […]

10 Best Low Interest Credit Cards (May 2019)

There are many credit card options in the market, with a wide variety of benefits and charges. Some issuers offer great 0% intro APR periods, low rates, and additional benefits, while others may charge a high APR rate – which can reach 30% or more. This is why it is essential to research before applying for […]

6 Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Credit Card

If you are considering getting a new credit card, you will probably get lost with card offers and deals in an abundance. Sure, credit cards are fantastic, but as Uncle Ben once told Spider-Man, “With great power comes great responsibility.” You should always do prior research before getting a card and never apply to too […]

6 Best Contactless Credit Cards

Do you know what contactless credit cards are? They are already common in many countries like Canada, Australia, and the UK. Instead of swiping and signing, you just tap your card to a terminal to purchase something. It is quicker, simpler and easier. This technology is still being implemented in the US, but fortunately, some […]

6 Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards (November 2018)

No, you do not need to pay expensive fees to take advantage of all the credit card perks. Some of these benefits include cash back, travel insurance, free credit reports and much more! Check out our selection of the best no annual fee credit card offers of November 2018. Uber Visa Credit Card Get $100 […]

4 Best Credit Cards for Car Rentals

Did you know that you can save money on your car rentals by using the right credit card? Many credit card companies offer, beyond other great benefits, rental car coverage. Check out the different types of the coverages provided by them to choose the one that attends to your needs. Chase Sapphire Reserve – Primary […]

Why You Should Get The Uber Visa Credit Card

Did you know that the California-based, multinational company, mainly known for peer-to-peer ridesharing and food delivery, also has a great credit card with almost no fees? Not to mention that you can apply for it directly in the app, and you’ll receive the card in the mail if you get approved. So, why should you […]

10 Amazing Credit Card Benefits You Should Take Advantage Of

Credit cards already come with great things like low-interest rates and cash back rewards. In addition to that, there are other awesome credit card benefits you should know and take advantage of. Above of all, these perks could help you save some extra money every year. 1- Price Protection Isn’t it upsetting when you buy […]

Best Visa Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Visa is widely accepted by over 44 million merchants worldwide. You can apply and get approved for these Visa credit cards even with a low credit score. Choose and compare the best Visa credit cards for bad credit: UNITY Visa Secured Credit Card Reports monthly to all three major credit bureaus – It helps to build […]

6 Best Credit Cards That Offer Price Protection [Updated]

Some credit cards offer a great feature called price protection. This means that if you purchase something with your credit card and then after some time you find that exact same item on sale for less, your card will reimburse you for the difference between what you paid and the better price you found. This perk […]

7 Different Types of Credit Cards To Consider

There are many types of credit cards available and they come in a variety of interest rates, fees and reward programs. See our list below to choose which one is the best for your needs. Unsecured Credit Card An unsecured credit card is a standard card that doesn’t offer perks or rewards. It’s relatively easy to […]

5 Best Hotel Credit Cards of 2018

Frequent travellers can benefit a lot from hotel credit cards. They can help you earn great rewards like free stays in hotels around the world, bonus points, among other perks. Have a look at our top picks: Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card 1 free night stay in a hotel each year after your account anniversary […]

Should I Consider A Balance Transfer?

So what should you do if you’re paying interest every month on your credit card balance? What’s the best balance transfer card for you? Find out below. Watch out for fees You’re likely thinking that a balance transfer sounds like a great idea—and it often is. But the balance transfer fee also needs to be […]

Airline Miles or Cash Back: Credit Card Rewards

We all have heard stories of the friend of a friend who planned an amazing trip or got a brand new mixer for free from their credit card rewards. These rewards are free money—as long as you don’t have to pay any annual fees or interest—which is great by anyone’s standard. You’re probably wondering, though, which type […]

Credit Card Hacks Every Shopper Should Know

Credit cards can be powerful spending tools, especially when they offer points, miles, or cash back on your purchases. They also often will offer benefits like an extended warranty, car rental insurance, and price protection. If you don’t have a credit card payoff strategy, you could be in big financial trouble. Spending more than you […]

No Credit? No problem! Get Your New Card

When you have no credit, it may seem impossible that there is a lender out there that would approve you. Lenders use your credit history to see how well you’ve managed your past credit obligations. How do you get that credit when you don’t have credit to begin with? This can certainly be frustrating, but […]